Customer protection management policy

We put our customers ¹  first, provide high-quality advice, products and services, and act in accordance with the highest level of ethical standards at all times. As part of our efforts to ensure this, we are committed to taking the following actions in good faith, to protect the interests of our customers, improve their convenience and ensure the conduct of operations from the viewpoint of our customers in accordance with our policy:

  1. [1]In transactions ²  with our customers, our employees will strive to acquire better knowledge of the products and provide appropriate and adequate information to allow the customers to be able to make use of our products and services etc. based on their own will. In addition, our employees will provide an appropriate solicitation and explanation in compliance with laws and regulations so that our customers will be able to fully understand and be convinced.
  2. [2]We will respond to inquiries, comments and others from our customers in a sincere and appropriate manner, as well as review and strive to improve the conduct of our business from the viewpoint of our customers, to provide products and services that will be satisfactory to our customers.
  3. [3]We will obtain and use information regarding our customers in accordance with laws and regulations, and ensure thorough security management of information by taking appropriate measures to prevent leakages from occurring through unauthorized access to or inappropriate handling of information.
  4. [4]In case of outsourcing part of our operations to an outside service provider other than our bank, we will limit the service providers to those that are capable of executing the operation in an appropriate manner, and will ensure adequate management of the service providers through conducting monitoring etc. periodically or on an as-needed basis to protect the information or interests of our customers.
  5. [5]We will manage conflicts of interests appropriately so as to prevent customers' interests from being unjustly impaired when they enter into transaction with this bank or any of its affiliates.
  6. [6]We will handle complaints from or disputes with our customers sincerely and will utilize the third party organization including Japanese Bankers Association or Financial Instruments Mediation Assistance Center, if necessary.

  1. 1. "Customer" in this policy refers to all those who "have transactions or are considering transactions with our bank."
  2. 2. "Transaction" in this policy refers to "all the transactions made between the customer and our bank as a business in credit extension (loan agreement and accompanying security/guarantee agreement), receipt of deposits etc., sale of products, brokerage, offering etc."