• 2015 Presented by Citibank Citibank US Dollar Time Deposit Add-On Interest Rate Campaign Deposit yen funds of 3 million yen or more into a US Dollar Time Deposit with one of the applicable terms during the campaign period, and receive a special add-on interest rate on the interest rate as posted on our rate sheet (base interest rates) until the first maturity date. 6 months +1.00% p.a. Special add-on interest rate (annual pre-tax base)
  • Citibank Credit Cards Spending Earns You Points. So Does Investing. You can earn credit card points and mileage through Citibank transactions in addition to the usual points awarded for card spending.
  • Premium Deposit <Structured Deposit with FX Option> Earn higher interest than with a regular time deposit by taking currency conversion risk. You can transact in real time through Citibank Online, 24 hours a day. Attention! *This product entails some risks such as loss of principal in the original deposit currency and/or yen. *Please read the "Information Memorandum and Pre-Contract Document" carefully, and make sure you fully understand the product before making the transaction.
  • Citigold Special asset management solutions and services that Citibank makes available to selected customers. Wherever you are in your life, strong relationships based on trust are the cornerstone of success.

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About Deposit Insurance

Yen deposits are covered by Deposit Insurance. However, only principal up to 10 million yen totalling all deposits you have with us that are in the scope of Deposit Insurance and interest until the insurable contingency are covered by Deposit Insurance.

Please refer to "Deposit Insurance" section in each Product Information Memorandum about coverage of Deposit Insurance.

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For further details of Deposit Insurance, please refer to "Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan".

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045-330-2890(charges apply)

From overseas
81-45-330-2890(charges apply)

Regarding the display of consumption tax

Please note that at Citibank fees may be displayed either inclusive or exclusive of consumption tax. In cases where fees are displayed exclusive of consumption tax as "excluding tax", consumption tax will be added and charged separately. Thank you for your understanding.

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