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Citi and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation reach agreement on the sale of Citibank Japan's retail banking business Connecting to Citigroup Press Release (Leaving Citibank website) FAQ
Regarding an error in the calculation of interest for yen-denominated time deposits with principal exceeding 10 million yen (Updated)
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Regarding the display of consumption tax Please note that at Citibank fees may be displayed either inclusive or exclusive of consumption tax. In cases where fees are displayed exclusive of consumption tax as "excluding tax", consumption tax will be added and charged separately. Thank you for your understanding. Citibank Japan Ltd.
About Deposit Insurance
Yen deposits are covered by Deposit Insurance. However, only principal up to 10 million yen totalling all deposits you have with us that are in the scope of Deposit Insurance and interest until the insurable contingency are covered by Deposit Insurance.

Please refer to "Deposit Insurance" section in each Product Information Memorandum about coverage of Deposit Insurance.

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For further details of Deposit Insurance, please refer to "Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan".

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